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Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby Navey | 24 Weeks

The Basics:

Gender: GIRL! See our gender reveal here.

Name: Selah Ruth (read more about her name here)

Due Date: March 13, 2015

Weight gain:
Starting weight at 8 weeks: 127lbs.
Current weight:

Little Selah is still moving around like crazy! She actually moves so much that I notice when she stops moving more frequently than when she is kicking around. The kicks and flips seem to increase a little bit when I'm really hungry, first thing in the morning, and at night! She also tends to start moving around when I lay flat on my back! I love feeling her move in there!

Stretch Marks
One! I got a few stretch marks towards the end of my pregnancy with Eli, but this one is really tiny and in a super weird place (the center of my belly button, lol)!

Nothing new to mention here, really. The acid reflux is still terrible, but when I remember to take my medicine at night and in the morning, it helps a lot! I have been craving a lot of chocolate and have been eating Cap'n Crunch like crazy lately!

Doctor's Appointments
I have an appointment this Monday that will be my final ultrasound for this pregnancy. I wasn't supposed to have one, but the doctors want to track her growth closer and take another look at the spots that were on her heart and brain during our testing scan a few weeks ago! Join us in praying for good news! They will also be checking my cervix to check for signs of pre-term labor (since I had it with Eli) and we would love to hear that everything is still far from being ready for delivery. If they think there are signs pointing towards pre-term labor I will have to start getting weekly steroid shots, so fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

Really tired and a ton of pressure. I don't know why, but my energy has totally tanked over the last week or so and I struggle making it through the day without wanting to take a nap. I have also been having a ton of back pain. I have started sleeping with a pillow between my knees and while that seems to help, the pain is still pretty bad.

Other than those things not really being so much fun, I have been feeling pretty great. It still hasn't really hit me completely that I have a daughter, but I love being able to keep my eyes peeled for things to get her. I got her a few things on our Children's Place trip the other day and now some leather moccs are next on my list! There are so many things that make me think of her and how our family will be once she gets here and those thoughts make me love this process even more. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I can't wait to meet my little girl at the end of it!

Eli is
Doing a lot better with his potty training and things are pretty normal for him! He loves pointing out things that could be "Selah's" and during our visit with my sister and her 9 month old son the other day, my heart grew full at the thought of my two babies playing together. Each time the baby would cry he would go and hug him and ask him what was wrong! There were also a few times that he did typical toddler things to him (like taking his toys or playing too rough), but I can't wait to see and teach Eli how to be a good big brother to little Selah.

Top Moments
This past week was absolutely amazing. Jacob had a few days off for our anniversary and it was so nice to get some time with him and Eli. We spent a lot of time relaxing, did a little bit of shopping, and had dinner alone.

Last week was also pretty great since Eli and I got to up to Charlotte for the Children's Place event and stop at IKEA on the way home. Jacob and I haven't had a "good" dresser up until now, so I finally got the one that I have been eyeing for years. Then, his sweet parents came over and helped put it together! It was a ton of work, but it was a fun bonding experience with them!

Also, some of you may remember me wearing this dress here. I wore it a few months ago to my sister's wedding rehearsal and thought it would be fun to look at a comparison. Look how much bigger and rounder my belly is! You can also see the weight gain in my face and other parts of my body, but we won't talk about that. Haha. Praise God for healthy growth!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kids fashion deals at The Children's place

The Children's Place provided me with a great opportunity to purchase some cute clothes for my kids at no cost to me, but did not require that I write this post or post anything on social media. I am sharing my experience because I genuinely like supporting The Children's Place and I think many parents or loved ones of kids could benefit from the things I mention below!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen that Eli and I made a little trip to Charlotte, NC (about 2 hours from where we live) to do some shopping and visit IKEA! My sweet mother in law went with us and it was really a great day! The Children’s Place invited us to stop by their store specifically and because I already love their stuff so much, I was absolutely thrilled! 

The quality of clothing from The Children’s Place is always really impressive and Eli has had many-a-things from them pass through his closet over the last two years. The most appealing thing to me about shopping there is that I can go into one store for both of my kids (can we please talk about how exciting it is that I actually get to buy things from the girl section now?!) and find something for both of them for many years to come. There are plenty of choices for young infants all the way up through size 14, so parents are able to choose from a wide variety for all of their kids!

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We walked around for about an hour and I was honestly really impressed with the really great deals and sales that were happening! Typically, I buy a lot of secondhand things or rush over to Target for Eli, buying a few “splurge” pieces here and there from name brand stores. I can honestly say, though, that there were such good deals in The Children’s Place that I will be checking their stock a lot more than I have in the past! With the options that you get to choose from and the quality that you know you’re receiving, it’s definitely worth it to see what they have to offer--plus, everything is so darn cute!

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After filling up my bag with plenty of things for both Eli and Selah, I let Eli pick out a few things for himself. He ended up choosing a sweatshirt with a monster on it and a zip up jacket! They had some adorable little winter hats and gloves, but my silly boy wouldn't put them on his head and ran away crying every time I tried. Oh well!!

I stocked up on sweaters, button downs, long sleeved shirts, and THE most adorable boots you have ever seen! I also grabbed two pair of skinny jeans after searching for what felt like forever at a few other stores and they were on sale for $7, so I got a big steal without having to sacrifice the things I wanted!

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In addition to the sweaters and shirts that I got Eli, I got him a full holiday outfit to wear on Christmas Eve. He looks like a little man in it and I can't wait to share it with you guys next week! They had some great things to choose from and I think he will look adorable as our Christmas festivities begin! He is always trying to get in on my fashion posts, so I can't wait to have a little photoshoot and let him "work the camera" for a bit!

Where is your favorite place to shop for kids clothes?!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three years

Today marks three years since I walked down the aisle and married my Jacob. Three years since we promised to love each other forever and embarked on one of the scariest journeys I will probably ever set out on in my life. Three years full of blessing, growth, love, and change.

The other night as we drove home from a quick Target run, Jacob and I started talking about how quickly we had come up on this milestone. Three years seems like such a short amount of time from some perspectives, but for us, those three years have been packed full of all kinds of learning and changes. As we talked about the days leading up to our rehearsal dinner and wedding, we kept coming back to the fact that neither one of us is the person that we were when we got married on that cool Saturday night.

A lot of people claim that the changes that another person makes is what ultimately tears them apart, but for us, I think our changes have brought us closer together. When I look at the person I was just three years ago, I hardly recognize her. Not only did I look like a completely different person, but I was a completely different person. Both of us were. We acted differently and we treated each other differently. The journey that our lives has taken us on in the last little bit has shown us the good and bad in ourselves, as well as constantly reminding us of the faithfulness of the God we serve. Our marriage so far has been full of really hard changes (more than I think most couples have to go through), but God has blessed us immensely and grows our relationship with Himself and each other in new ways all the time.

While the road leading to where we are right now has been anything but smooth, I am more and more thankful each day that God created Jacob just for me. Aside from the fact that so many women these days find themselves in a similar position as the one I was in--young and unexpectedly pregnant--yet suffer through a lot more than I did, Jacob teaches me things about myself and about life all the time. I have learned that marriage reveals the worst parts of yourself, forcing you to see how selfish, angry, or frustrating you can be.

The beauty in that, though, is that it allows you to grow. My husband shows me grace all the time in ways that I do not deserve, pointing our marriage towards a better place and my heart towards my one true love--Jesus. Through frustration, fear, and stress, he has consistently been the rock of our family and it is my honor and joy to walk through life with him day after day. He is an amazing father to our son, will give our daughter a good example of what to look for in a mate, and still consistently buys me beautiful flowers to brighten up my day and our home (which means more than he knows).

We are excited and feel so blessed as we anticipate this coming year. As we begin another year of marriage, please pray that:

- Jesus will continue to draw both of us to Himself
- We will smoothly make the adjustment to having two little Naveys
- We will constantly be reminded to make time for each other and to show each other love throughout all of the potty training, temper tantrums, nursing sessions, late nights, and diaper changes.
- Jacob will be blessed because of the great man that he is for me and my family.
- We will set good examples for our children and that they will grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. Also, as always, be praying for their salvation.
- I will actively seek out opportunities to serve Jacob and that as we grow together, I will be patient with him and use my words to build up instead of tear down.
- Our relationship with each other and our children will bless others and ultimately point them towards the gospel.

Read my reflection from last year's anniversary here.